Title: Bullseye
Author: tafidadarling
Fandom: Merlin
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Lance, Leon, Gwaine, Percy, Morgana, Gaius, Cenred, Elyan, and Uther.
Rating: FRM for language and drug use.
Word Count: 9349
Spoilers/Warnings: None.
Summary: An AU set in 1964. Merlin is a mod and Arthur is a rocker. They are predisposed to hate each other, and at first they do. Based loosely on a ridiculous book I found at a flea market once about mods and rockers falling in love and learning to get along. 

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The Suits Network

Title: The Suits Network
Author: tafidadarling
Fandom: Crossover between The Social Network and Suits. (Yes, I was so creative with the title.)
Characters/Pairings: Mark/Eduardo, Harvey/Mike, Mike/Eduardo and mentions of pretty much all the characters from the movie and show.
Rating: FRM for language, heavy suggestive themes, and alcohol/drug use.
Word Count: 11,823
Spoilers: The movie The Social Network and up to and including 1x04 Bail Out.
Summary: New York City’s best closer Harvey Specter disagrees with his associate Mike Ross’s intentions to represent Eduardo Saverin who is suing his best friend. To solve an office spat over an office spat, Harvey calls up Mark Zuckerberg and offers his help pro-bono.
Notes: Wrote this for the TSN-a-thon months ago. I kind have stopped posting fic to my journal on here, but I'm going to try and start being good, posting my bigger stories here.

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No Need To Be Mean

Title: No Need To Be Mean
Author: tafidadarling
Fandom: Crossover The Social Network which belongs to Columbia Pictures and The Pacific which belongs to HBO. I took the character Merriell "Snafu" Shelton and stuck him into the TSN universe. Due to this, he is OOC. 
Characters/Pairings: Dustin/Snafu, Mark, Eduardo, Chris, Christy and Sean.
Rating: FRM for explicit language and mention of sexual contact.
Word Count: 8439
Spoilers: The Social Network film. Absolutely none for The Pacific.
Summary: Dustin meets Snafu at a party, and they begin a relationship. The rise of Facebook as seen through Dustin's eyes as he juggles his work load and his boyfriend.
Notes: This had started out as a drabble to satisfy my needs for Snafu/Sledge, but I didn't want to write use the backdrop of the war. I figured Dustin would be the best Mazzello character to pair Snafu up with. Then, next thing I knew, I had written fourteen pages. So I went back, started trying to form a storyline, and then wrote the ending. 
Beta: My soulmate Gina. (That links to her tumblr. She doesn't use her LJ much.)
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Prime Suffering Years

Title: Prime Suffering Years
Author: tafidadarling
Fandom: Criminal Minds which belongs to CBS.
Pairings: Reid/Ethan
Rating: FRT
Summary: Ethan gives Spencer a real birthday.
Notes: As requested by a lovely anon on tumblr for a friend's birthday. Don’t let the title fool you. It isn’t that angsty. It’s taken from Little Miss Sunshine. I mention Proust too much for my own good. The quote is from Proust. There are also several Casablanca references. 
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